Sprouts Academy Ages 3-5

Skills Development Class

Our Skills development program can be used as the child’s primary form of learning with an experienced one on one teacher, or as an additional support to What they are already doing in the general education classroom. Whether it be social, emotional, or behavioral skills, having additional support can help promote a positive preschool experience for your child. Each private session centers around the child’s individual needs. Together, you and the teacher will collaborate on measurable goals for your child. Some of the milestones the skills development class will cover are listed below.

Note: Our school and our Skills Development teacher is not licensed to give Special Education services or any other types of Early Intervention or clinical treatment. If you have developmental concerns, always speak with your child’s health care provider first. We are here as a support, but we are not qualified to officially diagnose your child. We can, however, offer you and your child some extra help in order for them to feel more comfortable and successful at school!

Social & Emotional

  • Showing positive and appropriate forms of affection 
  • Initiating and maintaining interactions with peers
  • Independently participating in routines
  • Separating from caregivers
  • Using self calming strategies when upset
  • Communicating preferences
  • Taking turns and sharing
  • Transitioning smoothly between activities
  • Playing make-believe 

Receptive & Expressive Communication 

  • Paying attention to the story or the person speaking
  • Making eye contact
  • Identifying familiar objects and people
  • Following directions in 2-3 steps
  • Understanding positional words (i.e. “in” or “under”)
  • Communicating and responding to their first name 
  • Vocalizing different sounds, gestures, words, and sentences to communicate 
  • Advocating for oneself to ask for help

Fine & Gross Motor

  • Operating toys with buttons and levers
  • Assembling a 3-4 piece puzzle
  • Drawing and closing a circle
  • Turning book pages one at a time
  • Building a tower of blocks
  • Turning door handles or lids
  • Holding a writing utensil to scribble or make strokes
  • Climbing and running
  • Pedaling a tricycle
  • Walking up and down stairs, one foot at a time

2024-2025 Skills Development Class Options 

Sessions appointment based Tuesday, Thursday or Friday  
1 hr $35 / Session
30 min $20 / Session