Sprouts Academy

Developing a love of learning

Summer Camp 2021

Join us for an exciting summer full of adventure and discovery! Children will explore outside, work as a team, splash in the water, cook up some tasty treats, create masterpieces in unique ways and more!

Camp dates July 14-16 or August 18-19.


In addition to our education experience, we share years of real life experience in the classroom and as moms.


We value your child's safety as much as you. Teachers are screened carefully, and our facility is monitored and secure.

Family Friendly Pricing

We understand the expenses that come with raising a family. We have different class options to fit every budget.

Learning And Growing In Many Ways

We’re proudly based in Ridgefield, WA. We offer preschool and pre-kindergarten programs at our school. We believe that early learning involves discovering how to learn, and we love being able to facilitate this process!

Meet The Teachers

Ms. Melanie

Preschool Director

Ms. Tina

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Monica

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Cassie

Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Alisha

Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Kira

Pre-K Teacher

What Our Happy Parents Say

I have sent my son to Sprouts Academy for 2 years. Here he has grown exponentially, his first experience with school has been positive and fostered his love of learning. He has gained social skills and has learned to interact and care for other children. The teachers have truly impacted our lives. They love their students, they encourage age appropriate learning and have given their students the confidence to try new things with belief that they can succeed. We love their hands-on approach to learning and thoughtfulness for each child’s need.

Amber W.

Our whole family is grateful that we found a school like Sprouts Academy. Our child is excited to go to school everyday and she is enthusiastic to tell me all about the things she learns. Their program has generated a lot of fun conversations in our home. It’s not just about the general academic concepts; the teachers really care for the children. They spare no detail when it comes to the kids over all development, well-being, health and happiness. I couldn't be happier with the results I've seen so far. They'll definitely have my business in the future.

Melissa D.

Sprouts Academy Classes

Early Learning

Age 3+ by Sept. 1

Wed, Thurs, Fri
9:15-1:10 $360



Ages 3-5 by Sept. 1

Mon, Wed, Thurs
10:00-1:00 $275



Age 4+ by Sept. 1 

Wed, Thurs, Fri
9:15-1:10 $360

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri
10:30-2:00 $420

Music Makers


Ages 1-3

Ages 3-6